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“Marie Tseng has long experience of living in non-western cultures, particularly in Asia. She has an inquisitive nature and deep, first-hand knowledge of Asian society, not least through her marriage to an Asian citizen. With her European background, Marie has a deep grasp of the contrasts in culture, history, race, behaviours and expectations which newcomers to Asia will experience during their first few years here. Marie is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights on all aspects of Asia - insights which will certainly improve an expat's enjoyment and effectiveness as they integrate into Asian culture, both personally and in a business environment. An invaluable workshop - highly recommended.”

British, President, ConocoPhillips Malaysia

“I only realized how much I learnt as I have reflected on it over the last 10 days. The booklet has been a great reference point.”

Irish, Malaysian Airlines

“This was very valuable to me in my regional  role.”


“Great Workshop! Useful tips and information to help better integration and working relationship between a foreigner and local.”

German, Automotive Industry

It was very good as we had a mixed group: locals and Europeans. Therefore an immediate feedback was possible.”

Malaysian, European Multinational Company

“It has given me an insight into how cross-culture behavior can be improved.”

Malaysian, European Multinational Company

“It made me feel more comfortable and equipped me to understand Malaysian working style.”

Thai, Oil and Gas Company

“It is an essential program in Malaysia where multicultural people are living together.”


“We had an interesting and vivid discussion around all the topics. There were many eye opening aspects about Asian cultures I never would have guessed!”

French, Thales

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