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Who we are

We help our clients boost performance in their diverse teams through inclusive and compassionate team collaboration.

 Our Mission 

We partner with multinational organizations to enhance global collaboration. Through innovative methodologies, we support our clients to develop the competencies and inclusive mindsets for outstanding team performance.

 Our Vision

To create a world where cultural understanding and collaboration drive success and progress for individuals and organizations, fostering global peace and harmony.

 Our 3Cs Values 


In our approach, co-creation represents the practical fusion of diverse perspectives. It's about actively collaborating across boundaries to generate innovative, actionable solutions that drive transformative change. Co-creation embodies our dedication to fostering inclusive teamwork, where every voice is not only heard but actively contributes to our collective success.


We believe in the transformative power of compassion. We are committed to empathetic understanding, fostering an environment where every individual's needs and feelings are acknowledged and valued. Compassion drives our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.


Curiosity fuels our passion for learning and growth. We embrace the spirit of inquiry, encouraging exploration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Through curiosity, we challenge the status quo, driving us to uncover new insights and create more effective solutions for our clients and partners.

Our Team

Marie Tseng


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Dr. Asma Abdullah


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William Tseng


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Josephine Mendoza

Admin & Program Coordinator

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Ana Maria Gonçalves


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Shop Bali Cottage _patternbank.jpg

Francis Jee


Zafira Yong

Communication Strategist

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