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Exchange Theatre

Our innovative approach combines the power of dramatic theatre with interactive audience engagement to facilitate profound change within your organization. Participants engage in observation and play-acting alongside specially trained KLSP actors, gaining heightened awareness and clarity on complex issues. The KLSP theatre environment fosters direct, tangible participant interactions, enabling spontaneous responses and providing a safe space for exploration and experimentation. By simulating workplace scenarios, relationships, and social dynamics, this approach gently encourages participants to engage in conversations that drive your organization forward, breaking down barriers and fostering positive change.


“All this while we always have the ideas and it is hardly played but today when the ideas are translated into a theatre, we finally see that sometimes it is easier to comment than to actually implement. Today we have developed more understanding and empathy on the issues presented. This program is really interactive and having the scenarios being played by amazing actors, I think it is a different approach. Finally something different than just a classroom training so I think this is very effective and I like it very much.”

Shafinaz Zamree 


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