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Unlocking Success: Your Tools for Corporate Excellence

In our pursuit of the comprehensive scope of work we offer, we employ a powerful arsenal of tools designed to maximize our impact. We firmly believe that cultural competence is not merely a concept but an actionable strategy that drives business success. To this end, we harness cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. Our toolbox includes multimedia-based training modules, interactive platforms, and assessment tools that cater to individuals and teams. With a commitment to making our services accessible to all, our resources are available on both computer and mobile devices. These tools act as catalysts, enhancing cultural understanding, intercultural communication, and leadership development, all underpinning our motto, "Where Cultures Drive Corporate Performance."

Our Tools 

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Cultural Impact Scan (CIS)

People's unique thinking, emotions, and behavior result from both genetics (nature) and cultural upbringing (nurture). A self-assessment delves into cultural assumptions that influence how they perceive and relate to the world.

Team.As.One Team Psychological Safety

TPS is a critical aspect of fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment to enhance team dynamics and creating an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration.

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Exchange Theatre

Incorporating dramatic theater and audience engagement, this innovative approach fosters identification, reflection, exploration, and behavioral change within organizations. Specially trained KLSP actors enhance awareness and problem-solving through interactive play-acting. It encourages participants to experiment with new behaviors in a safe environment, paving the way for critical organizational conversations and progress.

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Action Learning

Discover the transformative power of our unique Action Learning program, an approach that empowers teams to address real challenges, foster innovation, and develop leadership skills through hands-on problem-solving, benefiting individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations.

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Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)

The Intercultural Readiness Check assesses and enhances intercultural competences for individuals and organizations. Validated by experts and used by over 70,000 people worldwide, we offer certification for trainers, coaches, managers, and teachers to apply the tool with their clients and students.



This research-based approach helps individuals identify and refine their strengths, fostering more effective teams and ultimately enhancing business performance. Our tailored Belbin reports provide comprehensive advice to boost personal effectiveness, improve team performance, and strengthen working relationships.

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