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Cultural Impact Scan (CIS)

Our services are designed to elevate cross-cultural skills and enhance collaboration.

Why are people different in the way they think, perceive, feel and act? The answer lies in both nature (our genetic predisposition) and nurture (our collective programming, upbringing, schooling, socialization or culture) and how nature and nurture interact. Our differences are found in both our genetic endowment or inheritability as well as in our cultural programming. With this self assessment respondents will examine 20 concepts which form the underlying cultural assumptions of how people from different cultures perceive, think, and evaluate the world. These assumptions describe how respondents are socialized to relate with the environment, people and spirituality.

How it works

In-depth assessment:

The 20-minute assessment consists of 60 questions aiming to uncover the dimensions that define your unique cultural orientation. The scan will unravel how you communicate, think, perceive, feel, and act. Get ready to unlock a deeper understanding of yourself and your interactions with the world!

Detailed report:

After completing the assessment you will receive a detailed report, offering a rich and nuanced representation of your cultural programming. Understanding your preferred behaviours in certain situations will allow you to navigate and thrive in culturally diverse contexts. 

Actionable Insights:

Use your newfound understanding to engage in more meaningful conversations and forge stronger connections. The personalized action plan will provide you with strategies to broaden your cultural behaviour repertoire, enhancing your ability to connect in multicultural environments.

Why take the individual assessment?

A more inclusive and compassionate environment starts with self-awareness. 


Gain a comprehensive snapshot of how your cultural perspective shapes your communication styles, decision-making processes, and leadership approaches.

Bias awareness

Uncover implicit biases and underlying assumptions that may subtly guide your interactions. Confront those influences to foster environments where every perspective is acknowledged, valued, and understood.  Acknowledging our biases is important, as they can potentially hinder the effectiveness of our behaviors. 

Action for growth:

The Individual Assessment isn't just about understanding; it's about growth. Discover areas where you can enhance your cultural adaptability and receive recommendations tailored to your unique needs.

Interested to take your individual or team assessment? Consult us now!

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