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Using Belbin Team Roles to create inclusive teams.

Updated: May 17, 2021

Belbin Team Roles were introduced to me many years ago by my dear friend and mentor Juanita Wijnands. Finally this year, I decided to become certified by Belbin© in Singapore under the guidance of Dr. Philip Merry.

Philip and I had crossed paths a number of time over the past 10 years. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn from his vast experience working with teams all over the world for the past ... many years.

Belbin© Team Roles help team members gain awareness on Team Role contributions and understand the importance of different working styles. It helps people both at an individual and team level.


  • gain deeper understanding of their own strengths and preferences,

  • get insights on how they are perceived by their peers

  • become aware of their blind spots through a 360 assessment.


  • map the contribution of each individual team member,

  • reflect on how best to use the talents and skills within the team to succeed and work in harmony

  • and acquire a vocabulary to address tensions and differences.

The Cultural Impact Scan© provides a framework to address different cultural approaches while Belbin© provides a practical framework to make the most of different strengths within the team. Both behavioural and cultural diversity celebrate and promote different approaches to problem-solving and help individuals find ways to work better together.

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment is a key factor of success for teams.

Both the CIS© and Belbin© help to keep team members’ biases in check, make them question their assumptions, and welcome divergent approaches leading to more creativity and effectiveness.


- Belbin and Culture Belbin White paper

- Groupthink and the importance of behavioural diversity Belbin White paper


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