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Monthly Play Recommendations: January 2024

Bon Voyage of Laughter: AFKL Presents a Free Screening of the French Comedy

This month, get ready for an evening of laughter and cinematic delight as Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur (AFKL) invites you to a special free screening of the charming French comedy, À l'abordage (All Hands on Deck), directed by the talented Guillaume Brac. This event promises to be a laughter-filled voyage, providing audiences with a heartwarming blend of humor, friendship, and love.

- Movie: À l'abordage (1h35), by Guillaume Brac

- Date: Wednesday, 17 January

- Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

- Location: Alliance Française Kuala Lumpur (AFKL)

- Admission:  Free upon RSVP [RSVP here]


In À l'abordage, embark on a spontaneous road trip with Félix, a dedicated young man, and his friends Chérif and Edouard as they set out to surprise Alma. This heartwarming French comedy unfolds a journey marked by friendship, brotherhood, and love. The film skillfully weaves together humor and heartfelt moments, creating an atmosphere so uplifting that you'll find yourself wishing the adventure would never end.

À l'abordage leaves an indelible mark with its endearing characters, abundance of jokes, and light-hearted tone. The film doesn't just entertain; it invites the audience to become cherished companions in this delightful cinematic experience. Guillaume Brac's direction ensures that the movie is not just a visual treat but a celebration of joy and connection.

Thus, don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the joyous world of À l'abordage. Bring your friends, family, and a hearty appetite for laughter to AFKL on Wednesday, 17 January, and let the comedy-filled journey begin! Bon voyage! 🇫🇷🍿

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