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Classic Masterpieces on Stage: Othello & The Swan Song


PJPAC and KL Shakespeare Players jointly bring you Othello, one of the four greatest tragedies by Shakespeare. For this monthly play recommendation, we recommend Othello!

Presented in the Shakespeare Demystified format, condensing the typically lengthy three-hour play into a succinct 100 minutes. The play prioritises the play's iconic scenes in original Shakespearean English. Narration is delivered in contemporary English, punctuating the performance in order to provide context, character analyses and explanations of unfamiliar "Shakespearean expressions."

Audiences unfamiliar with Shakespeare will grasp the play’s main plot points, major themes and relevant issues by the end of the performance. 

The shows by KL Shakespeare Players are very popular with educators and students at all levels of study as these productions debunk the myth that Shakespeare is inaccessible without compromising the material's integrity. 

What is it about?

In Venice, Othello, a highly esteemed general of African descent, secretly weds Desdemona, a beautiful and virtuous Venetian. Desdemona's father, Brabantio, objects vehemently and brings Othello before the Duke. After confirming Desdemona's willing consent to the marriage, the Duke of Venice approves it.

The newlyweds relocate to Cyprus, followed by Othello’s long-time flag bearer Iago, who harbours a deep hatred toward the general.Through cunning manipulation, Iago orchestrates Othello's downfall by convincing him of Desdemona's alleged affair with Lieutenant Cassio.  From initial disbelief, Othello's mind is gradually poisoned until he reaches a point of no return.

Event Details: 

Who: KL Shakespeare Players & PJPAC

Where : Nero Event Space 

When: 17 May 8:00 PM 

18 May 8:00 PM 

19 May 3:00 PM 

Ticket price: RM75

To purchase your tickets, click here! 

Produced by: KL Shakespeare Players & PJPAC

Directed by: Lim Kien Lee

Featuring: Lim Soon Hneg, Zul Zamir, Nurul Sofia, Sandee Chew, Lok Shi Hoong, Fred Chan & Tengku Azizan


The swan song

The second recommendation is The Swan Song. premiered in 1890, Russian playwright Anton Pavlovich Chekhov wrote “Swan Song” at the age of 27. Legends has it that swans sing their most beautiful melody before departing this world, turning a lifetime devoted to beauty and lakes into a final masterpiece. 

A radio station is conducting a series of interviews titled “Women Behind Successful Men.” In this particular episode, esteemed actress Olga delves into her love life and marriage, portraying the role of a successful writer’s woman. The host, Mickey, with a completely different personality, has feelings for a tortured writer crafting a love tale that she cannot forget. Olga’s beloved finds love in his final moments, creating his most brilliant work. Perhaps, this is the writer’s “Swan Song.”

A talented actor named Young bids farewell to the theatre, returning costumes the night before permanently leaving the stage. To his surprise, he discovers a novice actor, old, secretly practising in the dressing room.  As the night unfolds, the two exchange artistic insights, reminisce about past endeavours, and explore diverse perspectives on the performing arts. 

The dressing room transforms into a sacred stage, with characters from renowned plays making a reappearance. Young, bidding farewell to the spotlight, embodies the essence of a consummate actor's existence, though sadly relegated to the shadows backstage, unknown to all. “How good it would be if I could die on stage, how good it would be if I could die in front of the audience”, perhaps, this is an actor’s “Swan Song”.

Event Details: 

Who: MUKA Space & The Actors Studio Seni Teater Rakyat

Where : Pentas 2

When: 26 - 28 April 2024 (Fri - Sun) @ 8.30PM

27 & 28 April 2024 (Sat & Sun) @ 3.00PM

4 & 5 May 2024 (Sat & Sun) @ 4.00PM & 8.00PM

Ticket price: 128 RM

Online Purchase: click here!

Executive Producer: Dato’ Dr. Faridah MericanDirector & Playwright: Deric Gan

Featuring: Douglas Wong, Tan Li Yang, Aki Huang, Wong San San

Performed in Mandarin with English subtitles.

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