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Coaching to become a better leader

Cultural Impact is setting up an ICP coaching certification program together with SECA, Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance. Download the program here.

We took this occasion to ask a few questions to Ana Goncalves, founder of SECA, who will be running this program. She has accepted to give highlights on the impact the course could have for attending managers.

What is the interest to pursue a coaching certification when you are a manager?

Ana Goncalves: It’s actually quite simple: improving your managerial skills thanks to an actual certified competence. The program will deliver the required training to obtain an ICF ( International Coaching Federation) certification. ICF is the oldest and strongest reference in terms of coaching certification in the world. I have personally been accredited by ICF to run this kind of programs 18 years ago and I have had the occasion to test it in many countries, but more specifically in the US.

What kind of results or benefits could your attendees count on?

A.G. : It is difficult to provide a concrete answer to that question. Being a certified coach does not transform you into a magician. It is more a journey than a destination. If you are curious, ready to reflect upon yourself and on what makes sense for you, you will definitely be surprised by the impact it will have on your everyday life. The experience will add great value to the way you communicate and interact with others. You will get awareness of your behaviour and of its impact on others. Your intentions will become clearer for you and your colleagues and friends. This will definitely lead you to more effective interactions. It will also increase your own perception of the sense of your life. I should add that you will acquire new tools and practice essential skills to become better leaders.

During this journey, you will exercise strong willpower, develop a good sense of organisation and improve your overall awareness of business and personal situations.

At the end of the program I always provide a full toolkit. But I have to underline that the efficiency of the toolkit mainly depends on the way you will absorb the learning experience and how you will use it after the certification.

Why do you work with Cultural Impact?

A.G: In Asia, and more specifically in Malaysia, intercultural exchanges and multicultural teams are the norm in many if not all business environments. It cannot be set aside of and had to be integrated to this coaching certification. Cultural impact extensive experience of dealing with intercultural matters allows us to embed specific key aspects of Malaysian business environment. It will definitely enhance this coaching program.

Contact Josephine if you are interested to attend.

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