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When Cultures Drive Corporate Performance 

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Our vision is to create a world where cultural understanding and collaboration drive success and progress for individuals and organizations, fostering global peace and harmony

In today's workplace, diversity is a prevailing force encompassing geographic origins, genders, generations, functions, areas of expertise, and departments. This dynamic fusion not only fuels enhanced creativity and team performance but necessitates adeptness in embracing such diversity among team members and leaders.

At Cultural Impact, we specialize in cultivating cultural awareness and intercultural competences, fostering seamless teamwork that aligns with diverse strengths and perspectives.


As your dedicated partner in this journey of cultural exploration, we're committed to equipping both individuals and businesses in the corporate domain with the essential tools to flourish in an increasingly multicultural landscape.

What we do at Cultural Impact

Translating Global Corporate Cultures to Local Context

The program improves safety awareness, communication, and collaboration among offshore cultures, enabling the crew to address safety challenges effectively. It requires a mindset shift to achieve Incident and Injury Free (IIF) targets. The approach includes surveys, interviews, and group facilitation, emphasizing attitude and competency growth through theory and experiential learning, with a focus on safety tools and empowering participants to speak up and act in hazardous situations.

Creating Inclusive and Effective Global Teams

The program results in the establishment of a shared language and behaviors centered on corporate concepts and values, offering a roadmap for enhanced communication and collaboration. The challenge was bridging gaps in understanding between Malaysian and Malaysian or International teams, fostering a truly shared culture. The approach involves online surveys and group facilitation, with an IRC assessment and workshops conducted in both locations to address cultural differences.

Developing A Global Mindset in Asian Managers

The program's key outcomes include enhancing participants' leadership and communication styles, fostering cultural nuances in leadership, boosting confidence in contributing to Asian organizational success, and equipping them with immediately applicable leadership skills. The challenge involves overcoming collaboration issues between Malaysian and European teams, addressing limited leadership competencies, and aligning efforts. The approach employed group facilitation, coaching, and online learning in an 8-month blended learning program.

Coaching Expatriate Leaders to Succeed in Asia

The program's key outcomes include providing expatriate executives new to Asia with a deeper understanding of the region, strengths, and challenges. It also promoted intercultural competences and clarity on effective team behaviors. The approach involved an online survey, IRC assessment, and individual coaching sessions.

What tools do we use ?

Cultural Impact Scan (CIS)

People's unique thinking, emotions, and behavior result from both genetics (nature) and cultural upbringing (nurture). A self-assessment delves into cultural assumptions that influence how they perceive and relate to the world.

Intercultural Readiness Check

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), founded in 1999 with University of Groningen input, evaluates team members' readiness for multicultural settings and offers coaching for improved performance.

Exchange Theatre

This approach blends dramatic theater with audience engagement to drive identification, reflection, exploration, and behavioral change. Specially trained KLSP actors promote awareness and problem-solving through interactive play-acting.

RiaPlay Serious Gaming

RIA is a multimedia, interactive training platform that employs audio, video, games, and interactive features. It enables clear tracking of training progress and objectives, aligning employees with career goals and KPIs.

Action Learning

An approach that empowers teams to address real challenges, foster innovation, and develop leadership skills through hands-on problem-solving, benefiting individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations.

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