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When Cultures Drive Corporate Performance 

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Our vision is to create a world where cultural understanding and collaboration drive success and progress for individuals and organizations, fostering global peace and harmony

What we do at Cultural Impact

 Think Global, Act Local: Translating Global Organizational Cultures to Local Context  

This program addresses the challenge of integrating a company's culture into new locations. It ensures a shared understanding and application of the company's values to achieve specific objectives in each location. By aligning global strategies with local nuances, our framework enhances team performance, fosters a sense of belonging, and optimizes the utilization of diversity. This proactive approach minimizes misunderstandings, promoting a smooth and cohesive integration of the company's culture across the globe.

 Boosting Performance In Cross-Functional  and Cross-cultural Team 

This program equips participants to enhance collaboration, boost team psychological safety, and leverage diverse perspectives for optimal performance. In a global work environment, we focus on raising awareness and fostering engagement using tools like Exchange Theatre, the Cultural Impact Scan©, and the Team.As.One TPS Assessment. This empowers teams to establish norms and plan collaboratively.

 Building Learning And Inclusive Organizations 

This program enhances organizational adaptability by instilling a culture of integral learning and inclusivity, resulting in improved collaboration, innovation, and overall performance. Addressing challenges such as silos and biases, our targeted interventions promote a dynamic learning environment that embraces diversity and fosters innovation. Participants gain essential tools and strategies for success.

 Coaching Expatriate Leaders To Succeed In Asia 

This program is designed to address the distinct challenges expatriate leaders encounter when taking on leadership roles in Asia. Acknowledging the pivotal role of understanding and adapting to cultural nuances, our solution provides specialized coaching tailored for expatriate leaders. Through personalized coaching sessions, these leaders develop a deep understanding of local dynamics.

 Developing Young Global Leaders 

The program's aims to cultivate the next generation of leaders by fostering a holistic skill set and global perspectives among young talents. Recognizing the need for a forward-looking strategy beyond traditional leadership models, we provide guidance to navigate the complexities of a globalized world. Our solution entails a comprehensive approach that combines mentorship, skill-building, and exposure to diverse leadership styles. 

What tools do we use ?

Cultural Impact Scan (CIS)

Cultural Impact Scan (CIS) is a self-assessment delves into cultural assumptions that influence how they perceive and relate to the world.

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Team Psychological Safety (TPS) 

TPS is a critical aspect of fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment to enhance team dynamics and creating an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration.

Exchange Theatre

Exchange Theatre is an approach that blends dramatic theater with audience engagement to drive identification, reflection, exploration, and behavioral change by promoting awareness and problem-solving through interactive play-acting.

Action Learning

Action Learning is an approach that empowers teams to address real challenges and foster innovation through hands-on problem-solving, benefiting individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations.

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Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)

The Intercultural Readiness Check assesses and enhances intercultural competences for individuals and organizations. We offer certification for trainers, coaches and managers to apply the tool with their clients and teams.



Belbin is a research-based approach that helps individuals refine their strengths, to enhance business performance. Our tailored Belbin reports provide comprehensive advice to improve team performance, and strengthen working relationships.

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