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You've Got My Back?

How to work together harmoniously when we have different dynamics in the team?

How to deal with an individual's decision as a team, when we read the situation differently?

How to express diverging points of view when we are unsure of the position of other team members?

“You’ve got my back?” addresses psychological safety in teams.

Why Team Psychological Safety? Because apart from being a fancy buzz term, it is one of the key factors to build inclusive workplaces.

As Amy Edmonson and Kathryn Roloff put it, “It takes efforts to build an interpersonal climate in which the differences can be enriching to the team’s process and output.”

The benefits of Diversity and Inclusion are being documented by a growing body of research. Yet building an inclusive workplace requires determination and strategy. It doesn’t happen by simply bringing diverse people together.

How can you equip people to achieve these goals?

This is where KSLP Exchange Theatre and WIAL Action Learning Coaching can help by providing opportunities to:

1. develop cross-cultural competencies in individuals,

2. foster psychological safety in teams

3. and build a learning culture in organisations.

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