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Monthly Plays Recommendations - CI Insider #2

The traditional Malay folk dances and tales of 'Ulek Mayang' and 'Puteri Saadong' are highly valued, and the combination of VIVA Circus aerial artistry and HANDS Percussion music promises to be a fascinating collaboration that will captivate the audience. The upcoming play 'SAKTI' is the first full collaboration between VIVA and HANDS, and they are working together to interpret these tales in a unique and magical way. The performance will feature excerpts from the stories performed using aerial acrobatics and accompanied by contemporary music played on various instruments such as Chinese drums, gamelan, and percussion. The drummers will be showcasing their artistry in a new and exciting way by performing skillfully choreographed aerial acrobatics while playing both rearranged and new Malay compositions.


The play "Mixtape For Maz" written by Adiwijaya Iskandar is about two teenage siblings, Maz and Edi, who return to rural North Malaysia in the late nineties after growing up abroad. In addition to the typical challenges of high school life, they must navigate the conflicting values between their Western influences, such as early Internet culture, 90s music, and video games, and the conservative society surrounding them. Throughout the play, their identities are put to the test, and they are forced to confront and redefine themselves.

Produced by: Perempuan Productions

Directed by: Tung Jit Yang

Script by: Adiwijaya Iskandar

Featuring: Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri, Farah Rani, Mia Sabrina Mahadir, Nabil Zakaria

*Supported by the Hai-O Arts and Culture Grant, the Boh Cameronian Grant For New Productions and Kakiseni

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