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The Human Development (HD) Approach

Why do we care about Human Development at Cultural Impact?

Altruism, the concern for others' well-being, deeply resonates with me. That's why I pursued certification with the Asean Human Development Organisation (AHDO) earlier this year.

Now, many of our global clients prioritize accountability to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and resonate with altruism as well. However, they face the challenge of reconciling altruism with profit for business sustainability and SDG actions.

After completing the program, I, along with Ana Maria Goncalves, founder of ICFML, are driven to assist organizations in integrating Human Development and ESG principles as a core strategy, fostering positive social impacts while enhancing business performance.

During her time at Cultural Impact, Anis helped us reach out to clients to hear what they had to say on this topic;

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations increasingly recognize the importance of adopting a human-centred approach to drive sustainable growth and maximize positive impact. The Human Development (HD) approach provides a framework that prioritizes the holistic development and well-being of employees within an organisation. To evaluate organisational readiness for incorporating this approach, an online survey was conducted, assessing both individual and organisational readiness.

This article highlights three key findings from the survey analysis.

1. An Average Score in Overall Readiness Level - The survey showed an average readiness level among organizations, suggesting that relevant programs are available. However, further improvements and program redesign are needed for full integration into organizational core strategies and operations. Organizations may still face certain challenges from fully adopting this new approach.

2. Need for a New Approach and Strategies - A significant number of organizations expressed the need for a fresh approach to effectively implement the Human Development approach. However, some of them still lack a sophisticated strategy and need to explore new ways to incorporate diversity, inclusion, and sustainability into their business strategy.

3. Challenges at the Individual Level - At an individual level of readiness, the results indicated several key challenges. These include a lack of clear mandate from the CEO/Board, an absence of strong senior sponsorship, and a limited understanding of integrating Human Resources into a more strategic Human Development framework.

These findings underscore the existing gaps in organizations' level of readiness to incorporate the Human Development approach. To tackle these challenges, both leaders and employees need to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the framework and deeper knowledge of the necessary steps to ensure continued sustainable business development.

To stay informed about the Human Development approach, we encourage you to stay connected with us for more updates. If you are interested in participating in the survey, you may access it by simply clicking on the following link: Click Here

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