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The Cultual Impact Scan for teams:

Creating awareness on the impact of Cultural Diversity on team performance

Understanding cultural diversity in a team is the first step to ensure transparency and building trust within a team.

  • Why are people different in the way they think, perceive, feel and act?

  • Why do some people like to take charge while others prefer to go along and avoid conflict?

  • Why do some people like to build relationship before they can work together while others believe that it is not necessary as the task is the boss?

  • Why do some people show respect for their senior elders while others believe that everyone should be treated the same regardless of age?

  • Why are some people so guarded in what they say and do while others prefer to be direct and say what they mean?

  • Why are some people less hurried while others value timeliness?

The answer lies in both nature (our genetic predisposition and our brain structure) and nurture (our collective programming, upbringing, schooling, socialization or culture) and how nature and nurture interact.

The Cultural Impact Scan allows to map the team cultural diversity and provides a solid foundation to understand how each member can contribute to the success of the team. It is a useful framework to help define the team norms and clarify how you want to work together.

The Cultural Impact Scan will help team members to:

1. Learn about their own individual preferences.

2. Have an overview of the collective preferences of the team.

3. Be aware of the individual preferences within the team.

4. Decide on the optimal behaviour in a specific context to achieve a particular task (define team norms).

5. Help team members to broaden their repertoire of behaviour and adapt to different contexts.

Get in touch to start your journey towards an inclusive, compassionate and effective team.

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