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Reading BETWEEN THE LINES in virtual collaboration

Next showcase

January 19th, 2021 - at 4 pm KL - Perth time / 9 am CET

KLSP Exchange Theatre & Between the Lines

Theatre can make you laugh, cry, smile. Feel. Empathise. It can get you beneath the skins of characters to view the world from their diverse perspectives.

KLSP Exchange Theatre takes corporate training up several notches presenting, through performed scenarios, issues experienced in the workplace. And participants in the safety of their seats watch, discuss, and finally, play with the actors to experiment how they will respond to these workplace issues.

Through KLSP Exchange Theatre, participants are emotionally and intellectually drawn to explore new behaviors and develop a repertoire of possible ones adapted to different contexts.

Between the Lines is a KLSP Exchange Theatre offering that deals with online collaborations among team members from diverse backgrounds, even across borders. Through this online interactive theatre, organisations can move the hearts and minds of their people to create a roadmap for effective virtual collaborations.

Who should attend:

Leaders ( C Suite), L&D teams, Transformation teams

Benefits and Outcomes:

The participants--through thoughtful discussion, reflection, and action after watching professional actors play out prepared scenarios--will

• become aware of the impact of their behaviours on others,

• deepen their understanding of other people’s points of view and perceptions,

• practice new behaviours to navigate complex situations and environments

Organisations, on the other hand, will be able to create environments that

• enhance wellbeing in the workplace

• foster transparent communication and trusting collaborations

• clarify, align, and facilitate the desired company culture

How to use KLSP Exchange Theatre:

It is a tool that can be deployed as a standalone in an event or as part of a transformation-programme. It can be used effectively to address issues like:

• Cultural Differences

• Harassment

• Discrimination

• Workplace Safety

• Wellbeing & Mental Health

• Silo-mentality

• Team Dynamics

• Conflict Management

• Communication

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