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Monthly Play Recommendations - June Edition


Are you excited about upcoming events in June? We’re thrilled to announce that one of the actors from Exchange Theatre, Gregory, is back on stage with the much-anticipated play, Cyrano! Mark your calendars for this must-see performance!

Cyrano is a theatre play set in Paris, 1640. Picture yourself in the midst of a performance, only to have it abruptly interrupted by an extraordinary figure. He is not just any man; he is a master swordsman, a gifted poet, and an intellectual—essentially, a man of numerous talents. However, he is also known for his enormous and unattractive nose. This intriguing character is Cyrano de Bergerac, a cadet renowned for his flair and elegance. The narrative unfolds into a heartfelt love story set against the turbulent backdrop of the Franco-Spanish War (1635-1659). Cyrano deeply loves Roxane but is too fearful to confess his feelings.

The play vividly portrays French culture, showcasing its rich arts, language, cuisine, and the quintessential French spirit and ideals that have fascinated the world. The drama emphasises the concept of "panache" through the heroism of living and striving for one's values, even in the face of insurmountable challenges. It poignantly explores the beauty and tragedy of striving for the unattainable.

KLSP's unique French-Malaysian rendition of Cyrano promises to enchant and transport audiences on a poetic journey. This version features key scenes from the classic play performed in modern English, with a sprinkle of French to maintain its authentic charm.

Show Details 

Venue: Theatre, Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC)

Duration: Approximately 80 minutes

Show Dates & Times

  - 27 & 28 June at 10:00AM

  - 29 June at 3:00PM & 8:00PM

  - Additional shows may be scheduled upon request

Ticket Prices

  - RM50 - Standard

  - RM30 - AFKL members

Get your tickets here! For school bookings, please contact: 

Prepare to be captivated by the timeless tale of Cyrano, where romance, valour, and poetic brilliance come alive on stage. Don’t miss this extraordinary theatrical experience in June!

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