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[Episode 9] A-Z of Cultural Impact: I for Inclusion

What does it mean to be inclusive?

Diversity and Inclusion have become buzzwords in today's conversations about workplace culture and society at large. But what lies beneath the surface of these terms? Why is inclusion so vital, and what does it truly entail? Living in a multi-racial society like Malaysia, where inclusion is imperative for society to progress and thrive, these are pertinent questions.

Bring forth effort and dedication for inclusion

At its core, inclusion is about understanding culture, embracing every point of view, and welcoming diversity in its various forms, including diverse abilities and sexual orientations. It's not merely a matter of political correctness; it addresses a fundamental human need—the need to feel included. It isn't just a concept; it's a profound way of connecting with others. It means taking the time to grasp the unique contexts and backgrounds of individuals. It's about creating an environment where everyone feels safe enough to be vulnerable, express their perspectives, and find common ground.

To illustrate the importance of this, let's consider the personal experience of Marie, the founder of Cultural Impact using the social media platform, Clubhouse. While it aimed to be a safe space for sharing ideas, it fell short of being truly inclusive due to stringent rules that discouraged Marie from participating in the conversation. This serves as a stark reminder that achieving genuine inclusion is an ongoing journey that requires openness.

Genuine Conversations

There are several ways to foster inclusion in our workplaces and communities, and one of them is through Genuine Conversations. The foundation of inclusion lies in open and honest dialogue. Encourage team members, colleagues, and peers to share their experiences and viewpoints. Through these conversations, you can gain valuable insights into the challenges people face and the opportunities for growth and understanding.


Another way to promote inclusion is through Collaboration. True inclusion thrives when individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to collaborate. Embrace cross-functional teams and projects that bring together a variety of skills, experiences, and perspectives. This diversity can lead to innovative solutions and a stronger sense of unity.


Curiosity is also a way to nurture inclusion. Foster a culture of curiosity where individuals actively seek to learn about others. Encourage exploration of different cultures, identities, and viewpoints. By doing so, you'll expand your understanding and promote inclusivity.

In conclusion, diversity may be a fact of life, but inclusion is the result of intentional effort. It's about recognizing that every person has a unique story and voice that deserves to be heard. By engaging in genuine conversations, promoting collaboration, and nurturing curiosity, we can move beyond the buzzwords and truly embody the spirit of inclusion in our workplaces and communities.

Remember, the journey towards inclusion is ongoing, and it's our collective responsibility to make it a reality in our lives.

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