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CI in Action! The Role of Kindness in Psychological Safety

Team Psychological Safety (TPS) plays a vital role in achieving results and cultivating effective, compassionate teams. It provides essential tools for leaders, team members, and coaches, enabling them to harness the collective strengths of the teams they lead or belong to. These tools empower them to cultivate environments where teams not only learn but also flourish and progress.

"I like how everything I learned is very actionable, doable. I get clear ideas on how I can apply it in my life and with my teams. It's very useful."

Stephanie Van Aken, Head of Operations, Ideas Academy International School

Our program offers a robust theoretical foundation, grounded in the research of Amy Edmonson and Peter Cauwelier. Moving beyond theoretical discussions, we actively encourage participants to engage in reflective practices, meaningful dialogues, and the formulation of thought-provoking questions. Beyond understanding the concepts, participants work on their own teams, applying practical TPS tools to enhance collaboration, satisfaction, and overall performance in their organisations.

The certification explores the 7 key team behaviours to create Team Psychogical Safety, providing a clear framework to understand the complexity of teams dynamics and how it shapes team performance.

The program cornerstone is the TPS survey—a team assessment capturing the team psychological safety using seven statements and 3 customised questions.

The TPS report highlights team's strengths and areas needing attention. It serves as a fundamental starting point for the development and growth of team capabilities.

“I'm truly grateful for Marie and I appreciate how masterfully she managed this program. What struck me the most was her non-defensive approach, especially when faced with difficult questions. It's not always easy, but Marie kept the flow going seamlessly. It allowed me to gain valuable insights into real teams, providing a practical perspective that goes beyond theory."

Dr. Philip Merry, founder & CEO, PMCG

At Cultural Impact, we believe in the power of compassion and kindness. With our first cohort, we witnessed how kindness is a catalyst, shaping an environment conducive to Team Psychological Safety (TPS). It emerged that embracing kindness fosters an environment where mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth, diverse perspectives are valued, and asking for help is encouraged.

TPS tools, guided by kindness, not only boost collaboration and performance but also create a dynamic environment where teams thrive, learn, and flourish in an atmosphere of genuine appreciation and mutual understanding.

"This program has been a transformative journey for me, as everything I've encountered is entirely new. Throughout my life, being deaf has often kept me in a quiet and passive role, surrounded by hearing individuals where the opportunity to ask questions is limited. However, this program has been a revelation as during this program, I feel empowered to question and engage actively. The inclusive atmosphere of this program has been a game-changer, breaking the barriers that held me back."

Dr Anthony Chong, Co-Founder of Malaysian Sign Language and Deaf Studies Association

As we progress on our journey, we want to harness this insight, cultivating cultures where kindness isn't perceived as a weakness but rather recognized as a strategic asset propelling team success.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to the inaugural cohort of TPS Certified Practitioners in Malaysia for their curious and kind inquisitive minds that significantly contributed to our collective learning. Their engagement vividly demonstrates that in the corporate landscape, kindness isn't merely a nicety; it emerges as a formidable force for progress, steering compassionate collaboration and fostering success.

The Team Psychology Safety (TPS) Certified Practitioner Program has been developed by Peter Cauwelier, based on Amy Edmonson's research. Cultural Impact is part of the Team.As.One global network, present in 15 countries and that certified more than 400 practitioners worldwide.

If you want to know more about the program: email us here or contact us through our LinkedIn page!

We will run cohort 2 in March 2024!

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