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Building a learning culture in your organisation with RIA Play

A recent Forbes article highlighted the importance of building learning cultures in organisations today.

"Culture refers to the collective hearts and minds of a group of people. When you consider a learning culture, you must think about a group of people who are collectively engaged in and passionate about an organization. They want to grow individually and collectively"

" Learning must be delivered in shorter formats, accessible as needed and available across multiple mediums so learners can receive the right training in their preferred method for processing. Successful learning cultures make available to all a combination of on-the-job training, stretch assignments and classroom and online learning, as well as opportunities for peer and cross-functional interactions, discussions and activities. This allows learning to become more customized to each learner."

Over the past Few months we have been collaborating with Creating Winners BV, a Malaysia based training program company managed by a group of Dutch programmers, on a serious gaming platform to complement our existing program, RIA.

RIA t is a powerful on-line training platform:

1. It is multimedia based: unlike traditional E-learning platforms, which only allow conventional download of material, RIA offers audio, video, game and other formats output that engage trainees/players to enjoy the training while yielding excellent results. In addition, the players can input text, audio, video, images to share and demonstrate their learning.

2. It is interactive: Interactions can be created between the management and staff, the departments to departments, even coach to team or individual, to ensure issues in training and post training are addressed simultaneously and properly.

3. It is available on computer as well as on mobile devices: training (or learning) hence can take place anytime at the convenience of the employees.

4. Clear training trails, objectives and summaries can be illustrated on one page for each individual in the system. This allows each and every individual in the company to structure their training needs based on their long-term career objectives and agreed KPI with their respective management.

One more advantage is that the system allows the trainers to enhance their blended learning programs with this creative new tool. It complements the other forms of training that we have been developing, i.e. our company-wide transformation program, our unique inclusive leadership program, our global team alignment program and our exchange theatre sessions.

We would like to invite you to check out and experience 2 training trails we have developed to address the new challenges brought by Covid-19.

The main purpose of the trail is to ensure that employees when returning to work know how they should behave in order to prevent the spreading of Covid-19. We understand many companies have come up with SOP and procedures for Covid-19 before they bring back their staff, but most of them are not based on an interactive and multimedia platform by which employer is assured that employees not only know about the SOP but also know how to execute it in their daily behaviors at office. If you find these trails helpful for your company, please let us know; we are more than happy to discuss how we can roll them out to your staff.

Email us at if you would like access the COVID Trail demo.

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