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Thu, June 4, 2020

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Time


Among my expatriate clients, many realise that even after several years spent in Malaysia, they know little about Malay culture. This could be due to a lack of curiosity from their part, yet it could also be attributed to Malay character traits of acceptance and tolerance, as described by my friend and colleague Dr. Asma Abdullah, which prompt Malays to have a more reserved approach about sharing about their own culture

I owe many of my insights on those topics to the expertise of Dr. Asma Abdullah and Mohd Nadzrin Wahab. I am happy that they both accepted to share their stories working in multinational companies and answer questions you have on Malay culture and Islam in the workplace and that you never dared to ask your co-workers.

The guest speakers:

Dr. Asma Abdullah is a freelance consultant, trainer, author and coach on a wide range of subjects related to intercultural studies, corporate culture, women and leadership. She worked for 8 years with Maktab Rendah Sains MARA, 22 years with an American multinational as a human resource practitioner and a partime lecturer at Putra Business School. Her degrees are in Anthropology, Education and Counselling. She is also a member of the Fulbright Alumni Association of Malaysia, a member of PCORE, Sisters In Islam, Persatuan Siswazah Malaysia, Persatuan Al Hunafa and G25.

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab is a passionate Learning & Performance Specialist who helps people think, perform, connect and lead better. He specialises in Workforce Performance Skills, which focuses on improving professional results in the workplace. Nadzrin’s key career role was Project Delivery Lead and Learning Coach at the KL Accenture Connected Learning Centre for 7 years. He now has roles as an Intercultural Communication Lecturer (IIUM), Silat Melayu Cultural Lecturer (MOTAC) and Master Zafina Learning Facilitator (Zafina Fitness). He is an L&D consultant for several Malaysian and international learning providers and has business interests in Malaysia and Cambodia.

Objectives of the session:

  • to provide some basic knowledge on Islam and Malay culture for foreigners from different cultures

  • to offer tips to expatriates to open meaningful conversations with their Malay Muslim colleagues and deepen cultural understanding

  • to highlight some religious and cultural sensitivities which are often implicit and not often expressed

Some of the questions that we will be addressing:

  1. How do Malay Muslims view themselves?

  2. What is the sense of religion among Malay Muslims? (Focus on the 5 pillars in Islam)

  3. Why are Muslims so unbending in religion? (Food, prayers, dressing, headscarf, etc)

  4. How do Malays interpret hierarchy, patriarchy, and masculinity at the workplace?

  5. What do foreigners need to know about Islam to understand their Malay Muslim colleagues?

  6. What do foreigners need to know about Malay culture (their values and assumptions) to understand their Malay colleagues?

  7. How to engage Muslims and non- Muslims in positive and constructive conversations about prayers and food in the workplace?

  8. How to bridge the cultural barriers between Malay Muslims and the rest of the workforce in Malaysia?

  9. What is the impact of Islam and Malay cultural values on leadership styles and practices in Malaysia?

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