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Join us on:

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021│4-5.30pm (MY)

Zoom Webinar

Idiosyncrasies of Indians

From the food we eat to the language we speak, the influence of Indian culture on the Malaysian culture we all know and love is undeniable. The Indian people, however, still seem to be an enigma to many despite their long history here in Malaysia.

In this talk, we will be joined by Ravinder Kaur, the Head of Human Resources of Carrier Singapore/Malaysia/Brunei, Dr Marcella Lucas, Innovation, Strategy & Leadership Consulting, & Raj Kumar Paramanathan, Founding Partner of CnetAsia (Malaysia/Thailand) who will give us an insight on Indians in the workplace, as well as explore what mindset, skills, and attitude one needs to display to collaborate effectively with Indian colleagues.

This conversation will benefit anyone working in Malaysia, especially those with Indian colleagues.

Our objective is to:

  • Provide some insights into Indian culture in Malaysia

  • Offer tips to open meaningful conversations with Indian colleagues and deepen cultural understanding

  • Understand the specific Indian cultural traits that have an impact in the workplace and give the social and historical background behind these behaviours.

  • Discuss the values, traits and behaviours that are shared among colleagues of Indian descent in the Malaysian workplace


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