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Cultural Impact Scope of Work

Organisation Cultural Scan

Team Effectiveness

Global Talent Coaching 

Organisational Cultural Scan

Using in house survey customised to clients need , we identified the values of  organisation, help 

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2. Strategy and Design

The first audit stage gives us the relevant information to help you define a strategic plan of action. The way you will ensure cultures will drive performance and maximize retention of your best talents is unique to your organization, because your culture and your objectives are unique, and this is what we take into account in stage 2. We can help you in at least two ways at that stage: we can facilitate the creation of the plan by key stakeholders and/or we can make recommendations to you. Such a plan may touch upon performance review and compensation, talent management, KPIs, recruitment practices, training, etc. You might have to define additional processes and rules in order to foster creativity and resolve important differences between your people. This is a phase where our mix of competences will be extremely useful to you.

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3. Training

A very important part of our intervention is about bringing people in your organization to the level of competences defined in your strategic plan. We have a very solid training and facilitating experience, with hundreds of hours of workshops delivered to all types of audiences. We see every competence as a mix of knowledge, skills, experience and attitude; this is the reason why our intervention blends experiential learning sessions with individual and team follow-up coaching. Your training plan will be customized according to the needs identified in the strategic plan. 

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Services: Homepage_about
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