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Cultural Impact has been involved since its creation in many cultural projects in the local community.

As an example, in 2011, we actively supported the organization of the textile exhibition "Sacred Ikat:  From Heirloom to Trade" at the National Textile Museum and the corrresponding book publishing. The exhibition documented the stories behind the development of weavings and the lifestyle of the peoples of Sumba.  It proudly examined the balance between aesthetics, and practicality, which have resulted in a weaving of pride and prestige. This exhibition showcased traditional features as well as more recent evolutions. The National Textile Museum in Kuala Lumpur was the perfect venue to feature the inaugural show of this exhibition, as it enabled visitors to draw parallels between the ikat of Sumba, the pua kumbu of Sarawak, and the more refined kain limar of Kelantan, all of which are patterned through the ikat technique. 

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