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Team Psychological Safety: a tool for team performance

The Untapped Team Advantage by Peter Cauwelier.

I believe that to build an effective diverse team one must start with creating awareness of the different perspectives within the team. Then only can team members work toward aligning their behaviors and deciding on the most effective way to collaborate.

In his book Peter offers a pragmatic framework to create that alignment. He uses the team psychological safety model developed by Amy Edmonson to give a clear roadmap and practical tools to start a team on the journey to success.

The book emphasizes the importance of relationships and interaction between team members.

That's where culture matters in order to have a good understanding of team members intentions, needs, expectations and constraints.

Get in touch to explore Team Psychological Safety (TPS) and tap into the full potential of your teams.

P.S: I highly recommend Peter's book to anyone who works in teams or leads teams.

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