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Monthly Plays Recommendations - May

Living Bach 

WINNER: Best Feature Film Documentary – Madrid Film Awards 2024

For this monthly play recommendation, let's take you to the award winning documentary called “Living Bach”. This 2023 documentary by the veteran German filmmaker Anna Schmidt takes you on a journey through six continents to meet musicians and singers from Japan, Paraguay, the USA, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland. People with all different cultures, religions, and realities of life – and yet they are all united by one great passion: the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. What do people seek and find in his music? What binds them together beyond continents? What is it about the music of this well-known German composer that reaches beyond, countries, and religious boundaries that fascinates people? 

"Living Bach" follows these devotees and reveals remarkable, thrilling, and transformative connections to Bach's incomparable compositions. The film comes across people who find comfort, understanding, hope, and delight in Bach's music. One of them is the Malaysian Lee Hai Lin, a violinist who has a strong commitment to music and the community. “Living Bach” explores her journey from Kuala Lumpur to Leipzig, together with her colleagues from around the world. The documentary also touches on the pioneering work of Bachfest Malaysia in helping to make the music of Bach more accessible to Malaysians.

Presented by: Wicked Music People & BachFest Malaysia

Showtime: 30 May 2024 (Thu) @ 7.00pm

Venue: Pentas 2 

Price: 50 RM 

Duration: 180 minutes with a 15-minute intermission.

Genre: documentary 

Language: English, Japanese, German, Spanish etc with English subtitles. 

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