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Asian Leaders Development Program

Building Organizational Capacity in Diverse Teams

We just completed The Leadership Development 2018 Program, designed and led by Francis Jee and Marie Tseng, for a European client growing its operations in Asia.

We took a group of 26 emerging leaders on a self-discovery and skills building journey over 8 months. It was inspiring to watch the participants grow in their role and rewarding to hear their comments at the end of the program. Watch below the short testimonial of one of our participants.


  • Too many managers enter middle management with little or no preparation. And what made them successful as first line managers will not help them succeed as leaders of people, and first-line business leaders.

  • This extended programme of three modules stretched over six to eight months develops leaders within the context of corporate Asia, and yet hold managers to leadership standards in line with global MNC’s.

  • When the design of the ALDP is co-created with you, the development of your leaders will be customised in line with your unique company values and culture.


  • To support the transition from first line managers into mid-management roles where leading teams and working across functions is a critical aspect in achieving organizational and business success.

  • To develop the capacity of leaders to succeed in a VUCA world, where you are expected to succeed in the face of rapid changes and uncertainty. These are focused on the three domains of :

  • Leading Self

  • Leading One-on-One

  • Leading Teams

  • To step back and find/assess their leadership ‘bench strengths’, to build on these strengths, and close gaps that are potentially debilitating to a leader.

  • To initiate and work on personal development road-maps that guide and

sustain the growth of their leadership career. This sustainable self-driven development ultimately leads to building leadership capacity within the organization.


  • Participants become aware of their own leadership identity and style, and start to consciously grapple with what it takes to achieve leadership success in their own unique way. The essence of Leading Self.

  • Participants kick-start their abilities to influence and lead individuals to align with the organization’s performance expectations, standards, and values, employing tools such as coaching and situational leadership.

  • Participants learn to capitalise on the power of team tribal instincts to deliver outstanding performance, and also recognise and mitigate the dangers of toxic individuals who can poison and destroy team


This development programme is ideal for managers:

• Who have moved into roles that have people or team responsibility, and

• Whose seniority and behaviour have significant impact on organizational and business outcomes.

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