Malaysia, the Country of “WE”

January 12, 2013 was a memorable day for Malaysians: tens of thousands of people gathered around Kuala Lumpur Merdeka Stadium to express their views on politics and other issues. For the first time, it was a legal gathering after the passing of the PAA (Peaceful Assembly Act) late last year. Although the PAA has been widely criticized, one essential point of the new law is that it is now legal for people to gather in a public assembly, thus allowing demonstrations to legally take place in Malaysia for the first time. What made this event truly special was the color code adopted by the protesters. Malaysians all got together to convey a message to the government, however it was not only one

How do Global Leaders develop?

Diversity and cross-cultural training programs are not always a priority for companies, even when employees are working in a multicultural environment. Many skeptics deny the impact of local cultures on organizational cultures, minimize the importance of national cultures in people’s interactions (“After all, we are all the same”) and believe that being exposed to people of different backgrounds is sufficient to become culturally competent. A new research conducted by Steve Terrell, Doctor in Human Resources Development at the George Washington University highlights how Global leaders develop and the importance of learning and training in order to be prepared for global challenges. Dr.Terell





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