Home / Case #4 Building Culture with Aligned Values & Desired Behaviors

Brief Background:

Lhoist Asia has recently gone through multiple changes across divisions. Cultural Impact was enlisted to deliver culture building programs as part of a broader initiative to enhance personal and team cohesion (and hence performance) within the organisation.

The Objective:

#1 To create stronger bonding as well as greater awareness and understanding of values and desired behaviours within the team, in relation to Lhoist Asia’s vision and values

#2 To provide the team with a framework and skills needed to align Lhoist values and the team values and local context.

The Program:

An online audit to identify gaps between perspectives, expectations and values at work of Lhoist Asia teams both at managerial and executive levels. The audit is used in a training series implemented to guide participants to achieve a mind-set shift and make the necessary behavioural changes.

A workshop to introduce said framework to talk about culture, reflect on Lhoist Asia’s preferred way of working and define the behaviours needed to enhance performance within Lhoist Asia.

The Results:

-          Creation of a common language and behaviors around key corporate concepts and values.

-          Higher levels of communication and cooperation resulting in greater efficiency.